Autumn Seed for Sale

Here is a quick descriptive list of seed I currently have surplus for sale. Packets are $5 each, plus $5 postage within Australia. International postage by enquiry. Email me your order at Preferred payment by paypal (details on order confirmation). Bank transfer by enquiry. If you are looking for anything I mentioned on the blog that isnt on the list please enquire by email.

Tomato Principe Borghese- A short bush tomato that needs no staking and fruits all at once. Cherry tomato sized fruit are dense like a Roma style, perfect for cutting in half to dry or turn into sauce. Nearly as vigorous as wild cherry tomatoes.

Tomato Bronze Chile- A vining type that produces large round slicing type tomatoes in a peculiar bronze shade. Derived from one of the original wild tomato species and much more vigorous than common slicing types.

Eggplant Ping Tung- Major East Asian type produces drought hardy and long lived bushes. Fruit are long and thin with delicate purple skin and a very mild flavor.

Capsicum Ancho- A drying pepper with thicker walls than a hot chilli, but thinner than a supermarket capsicum. Rich smoky flavor and medium heat normally limited to around the seeds. Strong upright bushes last multiple years.

Capsicum Bishop Crown- A smaller growing but vigorous bush with flying saucer shape fruit. Derived from a different species to common chilli and capsicum, with light fruity notes. Medium heat around seeds.

Chilli Aji Amarillo- A strong grower derived from the same species as Bishop crown, with small fruit held upright turning yellow at maturity. Fruit have odd passionfruit/pineapple notes with medium to high heat.

Spigarello- A large upright kale like plant, with waxy blue leaves that taste like broccoli. Long lived bushes survive dry summers to flush again in autumn. A mix of three original sources for a bit of extra genetic diversity.

Ethiopian Kale- A large shrubby brassica with juicy grass green leaves with a similar flavor to pak choy and other asian greens, but with a very long picking season. Eventually flowers in mid spring to produce large amounts of seed useful for green manure mixes.

Rocket- Nothing special, just my old strain.

Shallot- A strong growing blue leaves strain that resulted from extensive variety trials and hybridisation. Still has a lot of genetic diversity. Flowers strongly at SE Qld latitudes.

Lettuce Deer Tongue- A very old flat leaf variety with pointed green leaves. Very hardy in early trials but still waiting to get a good sense of flavor.

Parsley Broad Leaf- My old strain that mostly self sows. Strong seed harvested and dried mere weeks ago.

Fennel Finnochio- The ultimate multipurpose crop. Green tops are great in salads or smoothies, mature plants produce a large bulb that can be chopped finely for salads or fried like onions. The strong taproot regrows after harvest to last multiple years. Seed make lovely herbal tea.

Daikon- Lighter green leaved form that flowers reliably at SE Qld latitudes unlike most commercial strains. Long white root with a mild (aka boring) flavor but makes and excellent base for kim chi when grated, salted and fermented alongside your favourite flavours (and a million times easier to grow than wombok).

Carrot- High diversity mix of very fresh and strong seed. Derived from a mix of 16 diverse strains (though most commercial varieties fail to flower at this latitude). Now in third generation. Mix of orange and purple/red skinned varieties.

Pigeon pea- High diversity mix derived from a half dozen distinct strains left to be cross pollinated by native bees. Includes a very large growing white seeded form.

Lima bean- Madagascar. Large seeded form with purple/white seed. Vines return multiple years. Excellent dried soup bean.

Lima bean small seeded form- Pale tan seed with speckles. Smaller seed but overall yield about the same as Madagascar form. Haven’t tasted them yet…waiting for soup weather in winter.

Maize white- A special population of white flour maize derived from a half dozen diverse strains selected for resistance to parrot damage. Not sweet corn. Dried seed need to be processed before eating.

Tithonia diversifolia- Seed from winter last year should still germinate well. A large and very fast growing daisy bush that can be used for biomass, animal feed or barriers. Very easy to propagate from unrooted stem cuttings planted direct where they are to grow in autumn. Mass of yellow flowers in May.

Chickweed- A well behaved winter annual weed that can be useful as a gentle green manure around crops started earlier in autumn. Highly nutritious but a pain to harvest, so best used to feed chicks and young animals in winter and spring.

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