Wait Long Enough by the River

There is an old saying- wait long enough by the river and the head of your enemy will float by. I think it is a perfect encapsulation of the “do nothing” impulse recommended by Fukuoka. Often problems will solve themselves given enough time better, and often far better than if you had intervened. A greatContinue reading “Wait Long Enough by the River”

Bunya Seedling Tubers

A major project on my experimental farm involves a heroic (and possibly fool hardy) attempt to domesticate Araucaria as a new staple tree crop. This involves collecting as much genetic diversity in the genus as possible (both from remnant local populations of bunya pine (Araucaria bidwillii) and adding a pinch of South American parana pineContinue reading “Bunya Seedling Tubers”

Biological Alchemy

The primary focus of this experimental farming blog is adaptation to the unfolding decline of industrialised civilisation. The concentrated resources that allowed industrial technology of the last few centuries are on track to reach their inevitable limits in coming generations. That is the foundation of my interest in finding ways to sustain human life andContinue reading “Biological Alchemy”

Brisk Fiction- A Burr in the Woods

The “Point of Living”. That’s what the billboard had promised. Pemmican Point Seniors Community had long lost hope of achieving that glossy vision. The economy had softened like an overripe peach. Worse, to “save the environment” the district had banned mowers and blowers, whippers and whackers, making gardening a struggle for the Pemmican Point residentsContinue reading “Brisk Fiction- A Burr in the Woods”

Extraordinary Rendering

This marks the first of three posts, each one focusing on a different macronutrient class (fat, protein and carbohydrates). Fat was probably the key nutrient in human evolution. Protein intake in humans is limited by our kidneys ability to handle waste nitrogen. Carbohydrates are not readily digestible without extensive processing (grinding and cooking). During theContinue reading “Extraordinary Rendering”